Poker Bonuses

How Poker Bonuses Work

A poker bonus offer can play a major part in players deciding where to play online poker but what the different types of bonuses and how do they work?

Types of Poker Bonuses

Listed below is a list of the most common types of bonuses most poker sites offer.

No Deposit Bonus

1. No Deposit Bonus

This type of poker bonus gives players the opportunity to play at an online poker site without the obligation of making a deposit. New players can often be unsure of which site is best to play poker at and the option of taking advantage of a no deposit bonus can give the player the chance to see what a particular site is all about. Several factors can impact on a player's choice of online poker site including choice of games, types of tournaments, graphics, and functionality of the tables. These are all aspects of the site that the player can gain a better understanding of by using a no deposit bonus.

Deposit Bonus

2. Deposit Bonus

Players that have set their heart on signing up to a specific online poker site will be keen to take advantage of this bonus promotion. The process requires players to make a deposit and the bonus is then calculated as a percentage of that deposit value that players will then receive as free credit. Online poker sites can offer up to a 100% bonus on player deposits up to a set value. Poker sites can also offer players the chance to enter a code and be rewarded with free credit when they deposit funds into their account.

Loyalty Bonus

3. Loyalty Bonus

This is an online poker bonus that targets players that have played at a particular poker site repeatedly for a prolonged period of time. Players can earn comp points and if they earn a certain number of comp points then they will be eligible to win a number of prizes and rewards. These rewards can span from winning tickets to enter tournaments, cash prizes, holiday trips, and even prizes from the VIP store.

Bad Beat Bonus

4. Bad Beat Bonus

A bad beat is considered to be when a player loses a hand having held a very strong hand. Usually, a player with four of a kind or higher qualifies as a bad beat loser. Players that suffer a bad beat are then eligible to potentially win the Bad Beat Bonus that comes in the form of a progressive jackpot. Poker sites use this as a form of compensation for players that hit a hard bit of luck.

Tournament Ticket Bonus

5. Tournament Ticket Bonus

This bonus can often be found in the form of a ladder tournament. This is where players pay an initial buy-in and can then qualify for the next level of the tournament. It is possible for players to buy-in at higher levels but the opportunity is there for players to buy-in at the lowest level for the cheapest amount and then rise up through the levels without buying-in again by qualifying through each tournament.

Freeroll Tournament Bonus

6. Freeroll Tournament Bonus

A number of online poker sites also find that their freeroll tournaments are a great way to offer players a chance to play for free whilst also drawing more players to play at their site. In order to maximise the potential of a freeroll tournament, online poker sites can offer either cash prizes as a reward for the highest place finishers in a freeroll tournament or they can offer tickets to qualify for tournaments that require a lucrative buy-in as a reward.

Gift Certificate Bonus

7. Gift Certificate Bonus

Taking a leaf out of the commercial industry, online poker sites have now started to give players the chance to purchase a gift certificate for that poker site that they can give to someone they know plays at that poker site. The gift certificate is emailed to the recipient who can then activate it by entering a code. The gift certificate funds will then enter the player's account and they can begin playing poker at the site using those funds immediately.

Early Bird Bonus

8. Early Bird Bonus

In an effort to encourage players to fill up tables quickly, this innovative bonus promotion has been introduced at leading poker sites. If a player either sets up a new poker table or is the first person to be sat at a poker table then they will be given a reward by the poker site for doing so. This reward is commonly issued in double comp points but can also consist of a cash reward.

Online poker sites use a variety of bonus promotions to reward players. The above types of bonuses are just a number of the main ones on offer. Every poker site offers more unique bonus promotions relating to their games and even the celebrities that endorse their site. It is important to always read the terms and conditions associated with any bonus promotion you take on in order to ensure you take full advantage of the bonus on offer.