ecoPayz Poker Sites

ecoPayz Online PokerecoPayz is now one of the leading payment providers available for real-money online poker. Through its ecoCard and ecoAccount system, you can move C$ easily and securely without sharing your card details with a gambling website.

Sending money is simple. All you need to do is set up an ecoAccount with Canadian dollars. Load up a wallet with funds, or just transfer cash in a one-off payment. Transfers take seconds and you can even get a prepaid ecoCard to move money.

At, we only recommend the very best poker sites accepting ecoPayz. Whatever your bank you can add a level of security without sharing vital card details.

Find the best online poker ecoPayz sites:

  • Safe and secure transactions online
  • Move small amounts to your poker account easily
  • Earn a top welcome bonus without hassle
Rank Poker Site Benefits Bonus Review Play Now
1 888 poker $88 + 100% up to $888 No deposit required for $88 bonus Exclusive monthly $1000 freeroll $10 cash bonus with $30 deposit Read Review
2 Party Poker 100% up to $500 $100,000 in monthly freerolls Safe site with good reputation Earn up to 50% back in rewards Read Review
3 PokerStars 100% up to $600 $600 bonus is good for 3 deposits Largest poker site in the world Weekly tournaments worth millions Read Review

How Does ecoPayz Work?

get started with ecoPayz Depositing with ecoPayz is simple. First, you'll need to set up an ecoAccount online. This can be done simply by going to Verify your account and head to the 'Transfer Money to Individual' page. There's no credit check when you apply.

Money goes straight to your gambling account in seconds. After you have the funds you'll be able to get up and running playing cash games or tournaments. You can even transfer CA dollars if you want.

Alternatively, you can apply for an ecoCard, a fantastic prepaid card which can be loaded up with real money from your bank account. Users can have as many as three ecoCards in operation at one time. You can also get a one-use ecoVirtualcard to spend cash gambling on the net.

Great Security and Safety

Like all prepaid payment methods, ecoPayz offers Internet gamblers a safe way to move cash around. When you transfer C$ to your gambling account, you can enjoy 256-bit encryption and verification on every transaction. The method also carries Thawte Certification so you know the security has been tested.

There are fees involved, however, when you gamble at online poker ecoPayz sites:

  • Bank wire deposit: 0-7 percent
  • Credit card deposit: 1.69-2.90 percent
  • Currency conversion: 2.99 percent
  • Maintaining inactive account: C$ 2.32 each month

While there are certain fees depending on your payment method, usually the poker sites accepting ecoPayz won't charge to use the service.

Benefits of ecoPayz Online Poker

Registering multiple cards at a gambling site can be irritating. You also run the risk of having your account hacked.

However, with ecoPayz, online poker players in Canada can store multiple cards and bank accounts in one handy wallet. With just a simple log-in you can send C$ to your poker account. Withdrawals are also possible and take minutes.

Best of all, the excellent ecoAccount app for iOS and Android lets you move cash around with a single tap. If you're on the move and want to play mobile or online poker, paying for gambling takes a second.

Find the Best ecoPayz Poker Online

If you play online poker for real money in Canada you want a quick and safe payment option. With ecoPayz, Internet poker players can gamble easily and the minimum deposits are pretty low.

Not all poker sites accept ecoPayz, but even if they don't you can move cash to another e-wallet or use a bank transfer. Whichever method you go for, a top CA deposit bonus can help give your bankroll a boost.

With a match bonus, new customers can play their favourite online poker games and earn points each time they fire up a table. By clearing enough rake and fees in your first month you'll be in line for some great cashback and gifts. It's just another reason to hit the Canuck Internet gaming sites today.


Can Canadian players use Ecopayz?

Yes. ecoPayz is available to Canadian players. You can manage funds in Canadian dollars and in United States Dollars, in addition to at least 40 other currencies.

Is it a trustworthy payment method?

Yes. As one of the oldest e-wallets on the internet, ecoPayz takes security quite seriously. It comes with a number of fraud and security tools, including, but not limited to:

  • Chargeback protection
  • Identity controls that includes real-time identity and age verification scrubbing technology
  • Multiple firewalls that protect your personal information with no direct connection to the internet
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Transaction verification (velocity controls, real-time transaction monitoring, and security code checking)
  • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards (PCI and DSS)
  • Certification by the Thawte Certification Authority
  • Physical separation of the servers that contain private information from all the other hardware in restricted, highly secure areas only accessible to authorized workstations

Are my personal details safe?

Absolutely! You will only need to enter your personal details only once, on ecoPayz's website. Once your account is set up, you will never need to enter your personal details again on any other website as long as you log into ecoPayz and use it as a method of payment. Because of this arrangement, you are given an extra layer of security to protect your financial information from being stolen by anyone you do business with online.

Do they allow online poker payments?

Of course! Many users gamble online, as well as using their ecoPayz account to deposit funds or withdraw their winnings. A lot of online poker sites accept ecoPayz as a method of payment.

Are money transfers quick?

Yes. You can send and receive money in an instant. The same goes for when you withdraw your winnings. If everything goes smoothly (which means if you are not requested to provide back-up documentation or additional information), your winnings will be deposited to your ecoPayz account in a matter of seconds.

Will I have to pay fees?

Yes. While the registration process is free, you still have to pay a fee whenever you want to move funds to a third-party account (whether or not it is yours), make a deposit, or convert your currency to another one. Also, if you decide to abandon your account (instead of closing it), you will have to pay a small fee per month after 12 months of inactivity. Here is a complete list of fees required by ecoPayz.

Are winnings paid into this account?

Yes. Simply go to the cashier at the poker site you are on and transfer your winnings to your ecoPayz account by selecting the relevant option and logging into your ecoPayz account. However, you have to ensure that your personal details on both your ecoPayz account and your player's account on the poker site are accurate and match up with each other. It is because you might be required to verify your account(s) or provide back-up documentation.